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Dragon Sculptures of Fired Clay

Ceramic Sculptures of Dragons

Handmade one of a kind Clay Sculptures of Dragons.... From Asia to Europe,  the enduring  fascination with dragons has inspired us to also pay homage to these legendary creatures. Encrusted with hundreds of hand made clay scales, these laborious works of art encompass a rainbow of colors and textures. Share your lair with a piece of ceramic art that continues the historic tribute, in a timeless medium, a  custom made Clay Sculpture of a Dragon.

One of a kind handmade Dragon statue

Motor City Monster

Clay Sculpture of a Dragon

 14Kt. Gold Spikes & Teeth

24"x 24"  $1200

Original Dragon statue, handmade of fired clay

Powderpuff and his pal

 Ceramic Dragon Sculpture

24" $900

Dragon Sculpture with hundreds of handmade clay scales

"Keep' em leashed"

  14Kt. Gold Horns and Spikes

Handmade Dragon Sculpture

24" long $900

Multicolored Ceramic Dragon Sculpture, totally one of a kind

"Smaug who?"

 Clay Sculpture of a Dragon

26" $1000

Human sized sculpture, custom made to order

"Egbar" Custom Made

Simple Green Mascot

 Installed in Corporate headquarters

Huntington Beach, California

Original Dragon Sculpture, accented with gold and platinum luster

"Jupiter's Dragon"

Ceramic Dragon Statue

30" x 30"  N. F. S

Dragon statue incorporating businessman's theme

" Call Waiting" $1200   30"high

"But... I'm a Vegetarian"


30"x 36"

"My Lawyer Says...."

Ceramic Dragon Sculpture

$2800     38" height


"Binding Arbitration"

40" high      $2500

"Love Those Porsches"

24"  high     $900

"Crosstown Traffic"

$1100    24"

"My Golden Apple"  36" high

Gold Luster Apple & Spikes

Platinum Luster Teeth

"Cecil B. de Spielberg"

"Cecil B. de Spielberg"

4"x 4" Toronto's Film Festival

Window Competition Winner

Artist & Unfired Friend

Dragon Leg Fruit Bowl

$2000   4' high


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