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Judaica Figurines

        Jewish Wedding Cake Topper..the couple under a rhubba with both sets of in-laws, personalized figurines made to your order

      Wedding & In Laws


              Jewish Wedding Cake Topper, Hockey playing Groom and Photographer Bride under a Rhubba

             Our Special Day


         Personalizedl Bat Mitzvah Gift...a customized Figurine! With both parents and the 2 little brothers! Mazel Tov!

          Her Bat Mitzvah


  Judaica Gifts, Bar Mitzvah Gifts and Favors, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Cake Toppers,    Personalized Judaica Figurines

Bar Mitzvah Cake Toppers and favors, Jewish Wedding Cake Toppers, custom Judaica Gifts incorporating your individual's interests, hobbies, occupation, passions and foibles. The internets greatest made to order gifts and personalized chachkas. What a unique gift for the Bar Mitzvah boy to receive or let us design Bar Mitzvah favors to give to his guests. A fun way to commemorate and celebrate any occasion, from a house warming to Anniversaries, Channukah, Bar and Bat Mitzvah's, Weddings and Birthdays. Call us toll free 1 800 231 9814 or email us and let us create the ultimate present for your family and friends, custom Judaica figurines.


                Personalized Bar Mitzvah Cake Topper/ Figurine made with all aspects of the young man's life incorporated....from pizza to jetski to pet....and beyond...

            Bar Mitzvah Figurine


                     Clay caricature cake topper for Bar Mitzvah, custom made to your specs, its a slam dunk!

              Bar Mitzvah Cake Topper


                      Bar Mitzvah Cake Topper/Figurine for an athletic young man will score big!

          Clay caricature for a Bar Mitzvah


                       Jewish Wedding Cake Topper, a Perfect gift for the Bride and Groom, a Dental Wedding Themed custom made clay caricature.     

            Orthodontist and Bride

     Cake Topper for a Jewish Wedding


                     Custom Bar Mitzvah gift, a clay caricature of him with his dog, hockey,video game,pizza and more....

         Personalized Bar Mitzvah Gift



                       Israel's Ambassador to Canada has finished his term....a farewell souvenier sculpture

             Ambassador returns Home

           An original Bar Mitzvah gift, a Personalized figurine of the Bar Mitzvah Boy

        Bar Mitzvah Statue


             Unique Bar Mitzvah Cake Topper, for the sports loving Boy.

            Bar Mitzvah Gift

              Custom Made  


              Customized Bar Mitzvah Gift, made to order

            Made to order Bar

          Bar Mitzvah Figurine


            A Fantastic gift for the Bar Mitzvah DJ/MC... these clay caricatures can be made to order for anyone you care about.

    Bar Mitzvah DJ/MC Figurine


                Custom made Judaica Gift... a  Bubby Figurine, surrounded by family photos and personal memorabilia, a unique gift that shows how much you care!

       Mom's 80th Birthday Gift


             Custom Judaica Figurine for a Moil

             The Toil of a Moyle


              Personalized Judaica Gift of Zaidy relaxing at home, surrounded by his Family pictures, watching his favorite tv show

         Relaxing with Zaidy


              Customized Bar Mitzvah Cake Topper , He's got his guitar, pet rabbit, favorite food and more

     Personalized Bar Mitzvah Gift



          Personalized Bat Mitzvah Cake




      Custom Made Bar Mitzvah Gift

    Super chachka!  Personalized figurine for the rabbi in your life.

              Musical Rabbi


       Personalized Bat Mitzvah Gift, A Figurine of Her, Custom made for you.

                 Bat Mitzvah Figurine


   Personalized Judaica Gift... Fun Gift for Bubby! Express your love in a personalized figurine.

           Super Bubby


   Unique Channukah Gift! Custom made for your family.

           Family Dinner


    Jewish Wedding Cake Topper they will treasure. He's a Lawyer, She loves to shop...Oy!

           Lawyers Wedding


   Judaica Figurines made to order. An original present personalized for your family.

         The Aber Family


    Unique Judaica Gift....a Family Figurine! A collectible created to show how much you care

               The Levines


    Personalized Judaica Gift for a special Anniversary Present! Custom figurines of the whole family, a heirloom made to your specifications.

              Stretch Seder


   Bar Mitzvah Chachka!

         Bar Mitzvah


   Judaica Figurine of the whole family, a great Anniversary gift

         Friday Night Dinner


    A unique keepsake...Channukah Dreidle Time

  Channukah Dreidle Spinnin"


    Personalized Judaica gift of the whole Family...

        Friday Night Dinner


              Bar Mitzvah Cake Topper...customized for a high tech young Man.

    Personalized Bar Mitzvah Figurine


             What a great gift for the Bar Mitzvah Teacher...custom made to incorporate his personal favorites.

         Bar Mitzvah Teacher


              Judaica gift ...Family Figurine made to order...Channukah is here!

           Channukah at Home


              Personalized Judaica gift, Friday Night Dinner

           Friday Night Dinner


             Judaica Gift....a Personalized Figurine for Rabbi, guitar playing, film making man

         Guitar Playing Rabbi



              Jewish Wedding Cake Topper....under a Rhubba on a Yacht...Oy!

 Wedding Cake Topper, under

      a Rhubba on a Yacht


                     Jewish wedding cake topper, Bride is a skiier and tennis player, Groom is a Dentist who likes to scuba dive

      Jewish Wedding Cake Topper


                     Judaica Gift Figurine made to order... Bubby with her treadmill, family photos, home baked pie and more.

         Happy Birthday Bubby Josie


             Clay caricature of person who plans the activities, crafts,bowling and more at a seniors home

          Activity Planner at

             Seniors   Home



           " You did a MASTERFUL JOB!     

            I can't thank you enough." David

                     Clay character of Her Birthday with Family!

                        Mom's 50th


                        Bat Mitzvah clay caricature figurine made to your details..

                    Bat Mitzvah Statue



              A Unique Bar Mitzvah gift ...a personalized trophy of him, made to order

    Personalized Bar Mitzvah Gift

               Made to order


                         Bar Mitzvah Cake Topper. Young men love these original and unique Bar Mitzvah figurines, created with them in mind.

              Bar Mitzvah Cake Topper



                    Personalized Figurine of Bubby at her Needlework

               Bubby's Needlework



                  20thAnniversary Gift


                   Accountant's Birthday


     Customized Jewish Anniversary Gift


               Jewish Family Figurine


              Personalized Bat Mitzvah Gift


   Jewish Wedding Cake Topper/Sculpture






            Jewish Wedding Sculpture


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