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Professional Figurines


 Custom figurine of the chef at her stove, a unique 50th Birthday gift

The  Chef's Birthday


Thanks for all your great ideas, research and efforts.  You are able to personalzie and capture so much and you ask all the right questions, and your artistic ability is wonderful. We will be phoning you again soon

   TV Screen Writer Juggling his Credentials


 A persoanlized statue of him with pictures of his newborn, Porsche,sushi,weights,travel destinations, flags and much more...what a great momento from an employee to her boss...the Ultimate Office Gift!

 Businessman at Work


Professional Figurines custom made to order

Personalized clay caricatures are the perfect gift for a coworker, office gift, retirement  or any occasion. Occupational Figurines Promotional figurines, from  Accountants to Zookeepers. Simply let us know about the person in mind and we will sculpt a custom clay caricature figurine that will be the hit of the office, workspace, birthday party or whatever. We offer the fastest service, created at your budget.  Promotions, clients gifts, tokens of appreciation, at any event you will amaze them with this unique gift...a Professional Figurine unlike any other. Call 1 800 231 9814 and talk to Hunter Vaughan, who will personally create your customized figurine

Custom made Gifts for Professionals Page 2


Hunter, I can't even begin to thank you for the art work you created for me! It is such a unique item and I just can't wait to see the look on his face when he opens this next week for Christmas! I brought it to work and everyone just adored it...I have passed on your website to them so hopefully it will bring you future business. You have such a talent to be thankful for especially knowing how you touch peoples heart when creating such personal artwork! Thanks again Hunter, I wish you happy holidays!  Kyle

King of Tire Salesman


Hunter, THE BOYS ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE FIGURINES OF THEM!!!! They were perfect!!! When they opened their presents, they were literally crying!  It is already in their new offices, and EVERYONE has commented on how amazing they look.  They all want one!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! YOU ARE A FABULOUS ARTIST!! Best Regards, Alana

Personalized gifts for Businessmen


Makeup Diva and undercover cop


Hunter, I just wanted to thank you for the magnificent work of art!  The figurine was absolutely perfect and Debbie went crazy over it.  It was right on the mark!  Thanks for making this special occasion just right.  It made our day! Best regards, Monte

             Custom figurine of her as she walks her dogs, with family photos and her knitting artwork in background.  Great 50th Birthday Gift ...!

             A  Dogwalker's Life




        Entrepreneurial Chef in Action


               Occupational figurine of a  house painter in action

        The Painting Business


              Custom made statue based on illustration supplied by client...we will sculpt any special gift idea for you!

        Sculpture based on

      Drawing in Background


             Custom made clay figurine created for the President of University of Toronto, of him in his various roles and activities.... This gift was a big hit!

        President of U of Toronto

                24"x 30"    $600

               close up of the President of University of Toronto

      President of U of Toronto

            closeup of  detail

              Promotional  figurines of bakers in action, any occupational statue can be made to order.

                 Ace Baker's


                   Clay caricature made to your request...let us incorporate occupation and personal favorites in 1 great gift idea.

                Traveling Paralegal


             The Conductor


               A personalized clay caricature will be the hit of the party...an Original gift for Accountants!!

         Accountant in Action


                  Policeman Figurine available no where else...made to order incorporating his Italian heritage, casino love, and much more.

                       Top Cop


             Military Figurine made to order...Missleman with his golf clubs...what a unique Birthday Gift.



             Ultimate Business Gift! To commemorate his gaining control of the company...posing with one of his landscaping backhoes, any customized gift can be made to order for the next special occasion!

  Contractor with his backhoe



                   The Chaplin



    Custom made figurines for rock band


 What a fantastic job you did for me with the figures of me with our new priest and Bishop! It arrived right on time and in perfect condition--all the way to Chicago! I know many people will be delighted by your good work and I hope we can generate some additional business for you. Many thanks! Deacon John Nachtrieb Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration Palos Park, Illinois

                    Three Priests


                  Custom Figurine of Filmaker in Action....Action on the Set!

                      It's a Take


              Custom figurine of recycling King on his "scrap" mobile

                 Mr. Recycle



          Barber shop singer


                 Custom figurine for real estate agent

         Realtor's to the Rescue


               customized figure ..let the trumpets sound...

              King of Jesters


             Teacher figurine...Mr. Mills Music Lessons

         The Music Teacher


               Custom Figurine of a Butcher in his Deli....no Baloney!

                   At The Deli


             Promotional figurine of the Sales King  ...aka...the "Terminator"

          The King of Sales


             Trophy figurine of accountant with his camera, cafe, golf clubs and more...

    Ernst and Young Accountant


               Office Gift Deluxe...the C.E.O. in action

             The Boss's Desk


               Glen Lowry Director of M.O.M.A. in N.Y.C., immortalized by Magicmud

 Director of Museum of Modern

        Art in New York City


              Political figurine of Liberal Barry Campbell, with his flag, art, books, car, militia and more



               Retirement figurine with his corporate flag, golf bag, case of wine, "faux" magazine with his picture on it and other personalizations

                 Me Retire??


              Custom figurine of the man who changed the face of movie theatres and stage in North America

   Swinging Garth Drabinsky


            Custom cardholder for a female travel agent and beside her a humble printer and his pressn

Travel Agent cardholder and

         Mr. Printing Press

                $80 each

               custom statue of him arising as in his favorite B Horror Flick, complete with the posters and his baseball glove

  Mr. Horror Movie Memorabilia


              Custom Promotional gift for Couple who are Bazaar Merchants, their picture on "faux" magazine cover

    Wizo Bazaar Merchants


            Office Figurine of the Chief....with his downsizing Axe!

  The Chief will Downsize You


                Personalized Teacher figurine, with her young students in the midst of a lesson

          The Art of Education



  Personalized Figurine for a Policeman


           Personalized Teacher's Gift


             Teacher Graduates


                                                                              Custom made Gifts for Professionals Page 2



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