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    Personalized Gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family...a Custom made Figurine

Custom ceramic figurines are the perfect present for Anniversary's, Birthdays, Fathers or Mothers Day or any occasion... let us know all about your family's or individual's favorite activities, hobbies and so on and we will create a unique personalized birthday gift, a clay caricature for the people in your life. Be it the whole family or ceramic figures of individual members, we will create the most unique present to celebrate them. The following pictures are past examples of custom made gifts for Birthdays and Anniversaries...

                                                         Clay Caricatures of Family, Birthdays, Anniversaries page 1


You'll score a goal with a custom made ceramic caricature like this! Totally unique!Hi Hunter,
We were very excited to give Brandon's gift. I am delivering Spencers today. I can't stop talking
about them. You are a wonderful artist. Hope to see you again soon. Debbie            

        Hockey Player's Birthday


                      Anniversary Statue with her at the piano and him reading the paper in his easy chair, cigar in hand....Ahhhh...the good life!

           45th Anniversary Together

   Personalized Anniversary gift figurines


                     Ultimate Birthday Gift! "The Man" with his 2 border collies, golf gear, cottage and boat...a recipe for perfection

                The Chef's Birthday!

     Custom made 50th Birthday Gift


              Great gift for house warming or realtors to client! The whole family outside of their new home...simply let us know about the family and email a picture of the new house.

            Our New House!!


          It was a great success!   Inese

                     Personalized Anniversary Sculpture made to order!...He loves Her, and his tractor too!

    Personalized gift for 25th Anniversary


 Hunter, He was speechless, it was definitely one of  the best ones I think we've done!!!!!
                     Clay Caricature of the Birthday Boy with his favorite foods, cards, music, national flags,and too many items to mention!! How many details can go into a figurine?!

      Ultimate Personalized Birthday Gift!


                    Ceramic figurine shows the "handyman" side of this propreitor of one of New York City's finest bakeries     

  Personalized 40th Birthday Gift 




                     Made to order clay statue incorporates family pictures, pastimes, foibles, food and more!

                 Birthday Time for 2



        Hunter, She is AWESOME! You just do such        unbelievable work (and you can quote me on that)!  

           Thank you so much!  Steph
                     Unique gift for dogwalker, dog care giver, or whoever takes care of the family pet(s)!!  

         Customized Dogwalkers Gift


                    Custom made birthday gift for a bird watcher! ...with his boat, destination strewn suitcase and friend on his safari hat!

            Birdwatchers Birthday!


Hi Hunter, This looks awesome!! I'm really excited for him to get this. Thanks again; it looks great. If anyone is ever looking for a good gift idea I'll turn them over to you.-Lisa

                   Birthday gift custom made for Dad!...just let us know the details..

       He's the Boss and #1 Dad!



                      Ultimate Bar Mitzvah Gift!!.. memories will live on in this detail laden clay caricature showing the Birthday Boy in action!...surrounded by his favorite items!

   Personalized Bar Mitzvah Gift Figurine


                Clay figurine has her bootin' and blue boxing at the same time! Any type of ceramic statue can be created for you.

         Kickboxin' Recycling Diva                    



Hi Hunter,
We love it!  I can't wait to present it to him.  The 50th Birthday Gift unlike anything else!...let us know about your special person and his family and we can create a clay sculpture to celebrate them!detail is fantastic.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks for everything!
Regards, Barry


  Unique 50th Birthday Present for Dad                             $300   

                    Surprise him on his 50th Birthday with a miniature work of art representing his life!

              "Half Century of Paul!"

         Custom made 50th Birthday Gift

         Personalized Ceramic Figurine


               Individuality lives on!!...show your wild side in a clay caricature

              The Wild Ones


                  He'll be rockin' the house.....in this custom work of art

  Customized Dad's 50th Birthday Gift



                   A personalized  birthday gift that will grow fond memories...a custom made  gardener figurine   

               Gardener's Birthday



                     Aniversary clay caricature with calendar date circled!!

            Customized Anniversary Gift



               Perfect gift from a Realtor to a client...

     We've got a new house!



                   Ceramic caricature of his 60th Birthday...it's a slam dunk!

         His 60th Birthday Figurine


 As for the sculpture, I loved it more when I looked at it and saw the details. I kept finding new and different things on there. Custom made 1st Anniversary Figurine!...lets us know the details and make to your "specs"As for Damian...  I don't think I could have chosen a better present for him. He totally loved it. He even said that it was the best gift he's ever received. Really!!   It's the perfect 1st anniversary gift.  Thank you so much for doing such a great job on it. I

really appreciate it. Claudia                      Personalized First Anniversary Gift                         $200     




                      Custom made Groom's cake topper...the Groom chillin' with a brew on the beach with all his gear....

               Grooms Cake Topper



Hunter  i can not say  thank you  enough  - i had  them  in  tears  - they never saw a gift so  unique and so  thought out  as this   it  was perfect  -  you  did  an awesome awesome  job  they wished  i had one  for me   but   they  couldnt  get over  how  much  it sooo  suited  our   friendship  -  i thank  you  and im  glad  i  chose  you    way to gooo  !


            The Three Mouseketeers


                  Unique personalized figurine for Dad's Birthday, him with his boat,rifle,truck,plane,fishing rod, mom & kids in pool

          Super Dad's 60th Birthday Gift



             Super Fathers day gift of Dad at cottage with fishing rod, golf clubs, computer, tennis raquet,asst. books

         John at the Cottage


                Custom Figurine for Her 60th Birthday, a  unique gift idea...with Hubby beating the drum ....and check her diamond bracelet...lots of details in your unique gift custom sculpted for any occasion!

              "Happy 60th Dear!"

        Dad's 60th Birthday Gift


             Clay caricature of the 2 of them in the romantic Venetian Gondola, what a great gift souvenier of a specail occasion.Let the trumpets sound!!

         Gondola Romance


              Personalized figurine of these friends commemorated in an original work of art! Complete with Chinese takeout food, pizza, backpacks, computer, Gap shop bag, study books and more

            Girl talk Hotline


               Custom figurine of Him and Her" Hit the Road", with the dog in the back seat!!! The most Original Anniversary present!

                  Two on Tour


                Made to order figurine of fishing pharmacist and his artistic wife, symbolic eagle at the ready, an original gift for the person who has everything!

            "Outdoor Anniversary"

      Made to order Anniversary Gift


                    The perfect gift for the Graduate in your life, this one posing with his yacht, tennis raquet,  fishing rod, Porsche ,Armani bag, pasta  and other important memorabilia around him. A totally unique and original figurine

                    The Graduate

    Personalized Graduation Gift


                    A personalized figurine makes an original present for man's 50th birthday...him and his buddies with their chainsaws

          Unique 50th Birthday Gift

             " Chainsaw Guys"


               Unique personalized anniversary gift of cusom made family dinner

      11 Person Family Dinner


              Custom clay figurine of Family, both parents & all four kids together

Mother, Father, and 4 children


                 Clay caricature, made to order anniversary present mom & dad and whole family poolside

   The Whole Family at the Pool

   9 adults and 9 children $800

               Collectible figurine of Shopping Diva stautue, perfect gift for the lady in your life who loves to shop

       Custom made figurine

           She be shoppin'



              Personalized clay figurine, an  anniversary gift for 10th year...photographer dad with dr.mom and their 3 kids perched on top of cake decorated with photo montage of their married lives.

  Custom made10th Anniversary Gift

          Family Photo Cake  $500

                Clay caricature, Personalized Fathers day gift Dad & Family on his yacht 1 kid waterski,2 pet macaws

                Family Boating

       Customized ceramic statue


Hello Hunter.  My sister and I can't thank you enough for the outstanding job you did.  Our mom loved it and she even got all teary eyed!  Thank you so much for making our little dream a reality.

Yes Hunter, you certainly may quote me.  What I said couldn't be more true. As a matter of fact, after I wrote to you my mother called me and, again, she told me how perfect her ceramic scene was and she started crying again!!!  So, thank you again! :-> Wendy


    Personalized Gift for Moms Birthday



               1st Anniversary Figurine


                40th Anniversary


             40th Birthday Figurine


                    Biker's Anniversary


             Grandmom's Birthday


              Conference Manager


                       Cruise Ship Diva


  Custom made 40th Birthday Figurine

                                                        Clay caricatures of Family, Birthdays, Anniversaries page 1

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