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Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Who would imagine you can have a custom made wedding cake topper of any style created just for you? It’s an unusual way to make a living, but for over 30 years artist Hunter Vaughan and family have been custom sculpting one-of-a-kind wedding cake toppers to client’s specifications from kiln fired clay.

It’s definitely a wonderful keepsake of your special wedding day that will last forever! ... simply call 1-800-231-9814 or email us and design the topper of your dreams over the phone. Any details, theme, accessories or aspects of your lives can be incorporated - humour, sports, lifestyle, music, or whatever else your heart desires. If your “guy” isn't the easiest to “buy for” why not let your imagination run free and collaborate with us to create a truly unique wedding keepsake that will be a huge hit at the event and be treasured in the years to come!!

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 Skiing Wedding Cake Topper


yes, even a young son can be incorporated into the wedding cake topper

Wedding cake Topper with Bride, Groom and young Son


     Cake Topper for a Groom




 Yachting Topper


Custom cake topper for the beach lovers

 Beachside Topper


Fishing and Hunting Wedding Cake Topper


Doctor and Surgeon Wedding Cake Topper Figurine, with wedding photos, medical books, tennis raquet and even the photo of the University they attended in background

 Doctor's Wedding Cake Topper


Cake Topper with decorative floral dress, pet dog,honeymoon suitcase and card shark "Hubby"

  Poker Player's Wedding Cake Topper




 Hispanic Wedding Cake Topper


The Wedding Couple posing with their custom made Wedding Cake Topper...They Love it!

Wedding Cake Topper for Star Wars Fans


 Custom made Groom's cake topper...the Groom chillin' with a brew on the beach with all his gear....

Grooms Cake Topper


 Custom Portrait Wedding Cake Topper....made to your specifications!

  Yoga Wedding Cake Topper


 Gift for a Second Marriage


You made a fabulous wedding topper for my husband Elio Personalized wedding figurine, he's singing to his greatest fanand I last year for our August 9th wedding. He was the 'wedding singer' and I was the admirer with the camera in hand waiting to snap a picture.


Wedding Cake Topper for Musician and Photographer



Unique wedding cake topper...Groom is from New Orleans, home of the statue of Andrew Jackson on horseback, Bride is from N.Y.C.

Lady Liberty Wedding Cake Topper


Jewish Wedding Cake Topper


Whitewater Wedding Cake Topper with their Pet Dogs


Hi Hunter, Wow!!! That's great!!  Nina's laughing out loud! THAT'S COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!! We're so happy we found your website! You really have a knack for putting some personality into your work". Mark & Nina

Stanley Cup Themed Wedding Cake Topper 


Computer Tech's Wedding Cake Topper


Senior Citizens Wedding Cake Topper


Custom made Wedding Cake Topper for a pair of skiiers...any theme can be created for you!

Skiers Wedding Cake Topper



Wedding Proposal Figurine


Custom Wedding Cake Topper of Bride and Groom figurines under Rhubba! Super future Family Heirloom..

Jewish Wedding Cake Topper


Bridal Shower figurine, with all her personalized items

Bridal Shower Figurine


in this Cake Topper the hunting Groom and Bride are shown with their trusty lab, holding a skeet disc in his mouth

Wedding Cake Topper Custom made for Hunting Couple


Personalized Bridesmaid's figurines, each incorporating an occupational or hobby activity, a unique keepsake for your special friends

Personalized Bridesmaids Figurines

$85 each

A Wedding Cake Topper can be created incorporating any colored Wedding Gown.... 

Wedding Cake Topper with Customized Gown


 Personalized Wedding Shower Cake Topper



Noah's Ark Sculpture Portrait of Bride and Groom as Noah and Wife Wedding Gift


Personallized Wedding Cake Topper created for Backpacking couple

Backpacker's Wedding Cake Topper


Personalized wedding gift "S.S. Mon Amour" 2nd marrage with kids on board yacht

Yachts Man's Wedding Cake Topper


Musicians Wedding Cake Top


Dragging Bride and Groom to Altar Wedding Cake Topper


Personalized Wedding Cake Topper for Golfers!  Tee Off to true Love!

Golfer's Wedding Cake Topper


Funny Wedding figurine, the proposal in Paris, with that sniffing mutt

Wedding Proposal Cake Topper at Eiffel Tower


Custom made weddingcake Toppers of Newleyweds in a canoe together

Canoeing Couple Wedding Cake Topper


An unusual Wedding Cake Topper can be created for any Couple

Photographer's Wedding Cake Topper    


Custom made Cake Topper for 2 Teachers, a unique keepsake of the special day!

 Teacher's Cake Topper


Custom made Cake Topper for a sports centered couple, she's in her soccer outfit with bridal veil and the giant diamond ring!!

Soccer Wedding Cake Topper


Wedding Cake Topper custom made for a blues singer bride and her artistic husband

Wedding Cake Topper Custom made for Singer and Artist


Custom cake topper with their pet dog, his lacrosse raquet in hand

Lacrosse Wedding Cake Topper


Humorous Wedding cake topper made to order...Surfer Groom marries Artistic Bride

Surfer Topper


Collectible Wedding Cake Topper made to your specifications

Made to Order Cake Topper


Unique Wedding Cake Topper personalized for Dentist marrying a Businesswoman

     Business Woman's Wedding Cake Topper


Original Wedding Cake Topper for couple who love Tin Man from Wizard of Oz...truly any theme of cake topper can be made for you.

Wizard of Oz Theme Wedding Cake Topper


personalized wedding cake topper that will be a treasured heirloom

Artist Bride Weds Scuba Diving Groom Wedding Cake Topper


Wedding Bliss in Paris!...Funny Cake Topper with their 2 cats, dog and Eiffel Tower in the background...Quell Grand Souvenier!!

Wedding Cake Topper with Eiffel Tower



Clay Caricature of Bride and Groom

 Cute Wedding Cake Topper


Custom made Wedding Cake Topper of couple on their yacht, he even has his bike on board, and Bride can't put down her hair dryer...oh, the price of beauty..

Sailors Cake Topper


Personalized Wedding Cake Topper/Sculpture with Star Trek theme, pets, spaceship hovering overhead and more...

Star Trek Wedding Cake Topper


Personalized Wedding Cake Topper created for Doctors, his camera and her painting also featured

Wedding Cake Topper for Doctor's


Create a Wedding Cake Topper with Bride and Groom represented as their favorite animals, a statue unlike any other

Elephant & Bear Wedding Cake Topper


 Wedding Cake Topper for couple in the movie industry...its a wrap!

Wedding Cake Topper for Couple in Film Business



 Wedding Cake Topper Made to order for Jewish Lawyer


Wedding Cake Topper with their Sharpei Dogs and recently sold home for the realtor groom 

Wedding Cake Topper Customized for Real Estate Agent


Personalized wedding cake topper Bride & Groom "couch potatoes"

 "Couch Potatoes" Wedding Cake Topper



Mechanic's Wedding Cake Topper


 Engagement figurine, he's offering the ring at restaurant

Wedding Proposal Figurine or Wedding Cake Topper


Yachtsman's Wedding Cake Topper...True Love Ahoy!!

Wedding Cake Topper for Yachtsmen


Cake topper of newleyweds on a Gold Am. Ex card

Wedding Cake Topper for Shopaholics


Honeymooners Airline

Airplane Wedding Cake Topper


Cake Topper for Surfers

Surfer's Wedding Cake Topper


 Wedding Cake Topper of Him, Her and their Papillion

Wedding Cake Topper with Pet Dog


Wedding Cake Topper for Travelers


A man's home is his castle cake topper

 Wedding Cake Topper Custom made with their 2 Kids


Wedding Cake Topper for Hockey Fans


 Clay figurines of wedding couple to be used as Cake Toppers, an east Indian themed marriage statue

 Wedding Cake Topper for East Indian Marriage


Jewish Wedding cake topper of couple under a rhubba with both sets of in-laws, personalized figurines made to your order!

Jewish Wedding Cake Topper Bride and Groom with In-laws


Wedding Cake Topper with their 3 Kids


Personalized Wedding Cake Topper Sculpture!! Under a floral arch of love! !A Totally Original Wedding Day gift/cake topper!

Orthodontist Groom marries Dental Technician Bride....a customized Cake Topper that can't be beat!

Wedding Cake Topper for Jewish Dentist and Bride


A made to order Wedding Cake Topper that can't be found anywhere else...Golfer Groom and Gardener Bride, him in golf cart, she under arch of flowers

 Wedding Cake Topper for Golfer & Gardener


Fireman Cake Topper



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