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Customer Testimonials

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I am in AWE - successfully received our topper Friday....With total excitement opened it. WOW!!! The pictures you sent last week do NOT accurately represent the exceptionally fine craftmanship! Oh my word, you are so talented Hunter!!! 
 As I shared before, it is a complete blessing to have stumbled on your website. Combination of throughly brousing your website, pics you sent of recent work, and speaking with you multiple times convinced me to invest in your work. I AM SO THRILLED!!! I can't wait to see everyone's reaction at our wedding....especially Robert's. Remember, our topper will be a total surprise to everyone including my groom. I haven't shared with anyone...I love surprises. 
 The best part is this is not a typical, plastic, mass-produced wedding cake topper to store in the attic after our joyous union! It's a treasure; a personalized family heirloom. As you confidently expressed your capabilities....you really did capture each of our personalities and character. It represents so much more than a decoration on our wedding cake...I think it'll mean so much to our children as we blend our families. In your masterpiece, you brought us to life as one, just as I hoped. It is really special!!! Oh my word, I am so pleased! THANK YOU!!!!
 Sorry to ramble, but your work deserves recognition. Have a wonderful day, week, month.....I'll forward action pics mid-October (post-honeymoon). THANKS AGAIN!!!!!
 Genie Marquez
 P.S. Yes, you can quote me...I'll be happy to be a reference as well.

Hunter,  Thank you for the expedient way in which you handled my order on short notice.  Ordering something off the internet, especially art work, sight unseen sometimes results in a major fiasco.  I was impressed with the pieces that you did for some of my referring doctors with the detailed customization.  Thank you for providing me with something that was very nicely done, and for something that my referring doctors can proudly display, but more importantly, something that they will not forget. I look forward to having more pieces done by you in the future.  Dr. Dan Quon


Hi Hunter,
We love it!  I can't wait to present it to him.  The 50th Birthday Gift unlike anything else!...let us know about your special person and his family and we can create a clay sculpture to celebrate them!detail is fantastic.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Thanks for everything!
Regards, Barry


We received the figurine on Friday!  It looks wonderful!!!!  I am sure that Jason will love all the fantastic details you included. The following statement is actually more reflective of my experience.  You can use either!
 I had a wonderful experience working with the Magicmud staff to create the perfect gift for a family friend.  I was amazed at the artist's true interest in learning about my friend in order to create a figurine to accurately represent his work and his interests.  The final product was really fantastic.. Thanks again!!!!  Kimberly


Hunter ...
You need to put a warning on the image, I spilled quite a lot of coffee all around my keyboard because I was laughing so hard when I opened it up.
Honestly, it's absolutely incredible. Better than I had ever imagined or expected. I'd be speechless if I ever got speechless. How in the world did you take my silly idea and make it into something so darned cool? In my world we'd call it "(far) exceeding expectations" and absolutely delighting the customer. This is a true once-in-a-lifetime kind of gift, I'm sure he'll love it (although I *know* it's impossible for him to have as much fun receiving it as I did planning it). Thanks again for all your help with this, I have others in mind for you but will wait until after the holidays, I promise (I see lots of health care providers and some of them almost deserve to have a piece of your work) ...Cathy O   
... and you can add that you were extremely easy to work with and was patient through at least three separate sets of questions, had the present finished in plenty of time even during a very busy holiday season, and even e-mailed a picture of the finished product before you sent it out in case there were any last minute change requests.

Wow, Hunter - just incredible!!!   I think he's going to love it!!! 

So totally perfect!!!!!!!

- amazing and just what I wanted!  Many thanks!






Hello Hunter.  My sister and I can't thank you enough for the outstanding
job you did.  Our mom loved it and she even got all teary eyed!  Thank you so much for making our little dream a reality. Wendy

Yes Hunter, you certainly may quote me.  What I said couldn't be more true. As a matter of fact, after I wrote to you my mother called me and, again, she told me how perfect her ceramic scene was and she started crying again!!!  So, thank you again! :-> Wendy


Actually my mother spoke with Gordon yesterday.  He said now that he had a
chance to look at his present properly at home - he thinks it is fantastic
You may quote me!
Thanks again Hunter - you were great to work with!




Hunter, THE BOYS ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE FIGURINES OF THEM!!!! They were perfect!!! When they opened their presents, they were literally crying!  It is already in their new offices, and EVERYONE has commented on how amazing they look.  They all want one!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! YOU ARE A FABULOUS ARTIST!! !Best Regards, Alana



Dear Hunter, Two Thumbs way up!!!   Absolutely a masterpiece!!! I work in the entertainment industry and to be able to find someone to creatively partner with who is also a joy to work with to boot was an absolute treat. The brilliant creation you made in celebration of my tenth wedding anniversary was incredible – beyond anything I could ever have anticipated. It was so elaborate to capture our expansive family which includes six kids and our loving four-legged child, Clarisse-the-kitty.  The replication of our favorite meeting place (barbecues around our pool) was the perfect setting.  The detail of even adding  quirkiness of our entire brood.   Thanks for your hard work on this memorable family keepsake…I look forward to creating something new with you in the future. Best wishes, Alison Sweeney Los Angeles, CA


Dear Hunter~
They are absolutely awesome!  I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I opened each individual one because they depict each person so well.  I'm sure they will love them as much as I do.  I won't be presenting them until around Christmas time but I will be sure to email you and let you know their reactions.Thanks again for all you hard work....they are just fabulous! Sincerely,D.Z.
Dear Hunter,
As advised we received the 3 figures on Friday .  I have now seen them,  You have made a superb job of these figures, they are very amusing, my wife & I are most grateful to you.  We both admire your talents.
    Trading on the net can be a daunting feat as unfortunately integrity is not obligatory in today's marketplace, However, I cannot fault your expedience & diligence. These figures, as unique items, are a personal product and shall be cherished always, and I am sure shall be a point of conversation at many occasions to come.
Such an individual piece can be applied to a variety of celebrations.
We have no hesitation in referrals. Regards, Clive & Gill
The topper was received with great enthusiasm from all!  No one had ever seen anything like it and it was the toast of the rehearsal party!  Your attention to detail is outstanding!  After I took it to the bakery to have it placed in its "Crowning Glory" I could not get out of the store because people kept stopping me to ask where I had had the topper made!!  My other son is getting married in 4 months; we will have to get started on his topper now!  I can't imagine the groom's cake without it!    Jessie Thaxton    South Carolina




Dear Hunter,
 We received the folks on Friday, safely bundled and in one piece.  At the very first sight, we decided that we would keep it for ourselves if our parents didn't like it.  Unfortunately, they loved it, right down to the last cactus, so we thought it would only be appropriate to leave it with them.  Thank you so much for your wonderful work! Regards, Liza

Yes, I love it! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Johanna

Hunter  i can not say  thank you  enough  - i had  them  in  tears  - they never saw a gift so  unique and so  thought out  as this   it  was perfect  -  you  did  an awesome awesome  job  they wished  i had one  for me   but   they  couldnt  get over  how  much  it sooo  suited  our   friendship  -  i thank  you  and im  glad  i  chose  you    way to gooo  !

I was so glad that I found your website.  Your sculptures are a wonderful and thoughtful gift to those who mean a lot to us; one of the best gift ideas I've ever seen.  I am already thinking of ideas for sculptures to give to more of the special people in my life.


Dear Hunter,  Our wedding cake top arrived this morning!  We love it so much!!!!! thank you so much! I am so excited to see it on our cake, I will be sure to send you some pictures in November of how it looks on the cake!  thank you so much! it is beautiful and something we can cherish forever! Many Thanks    Anthony &Sara




       I wanted to have an appropriate and personalized memento for a colleague who was moving cities.  With virtually no lead time, MagicMud put together a personalized statuette complete with my friend's picture and personalized newspaper headlines and to-do list appearing on the statuette.  From start to finish, including delivery to me at my office, the entire process took under a week.  The quality of the work and responsiveness under a ridiculous deadline were both truly outstanding.
Gregory R. Hanthorn
Jones Day

As for the sculpture, I loved it more when I looked at it and saw the details. I kept finding new and different things on there. As for Damian...  I don't think I could have chosen a better present for him. He totally loved it. He even said that it was the best gift he's ever received. Really!!   It's the perfect 1st anniversary gift.  Thank you so much for doing such a great job on it. I really appreciate it.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the sculpture and it was in
perfect condition. I love it, the detail is remarkable. I can hardly wait
until his birthday to give it to him. Thank you so much!!
Kim F-H

The topper was a hit.  Everyone loved it.  I'll send the final show on the
cake soon.  Matt loved it.  Thank you so much.



You'll score a goal with a custom made ceramic caricature like this! Totally unique!Hi Hunter,
We were very excited to give Brandon's gift. I am delivering Spencers today. I can't stop talking
about them. You are a wonderful artist. Hope to see you again soon. Debbie   




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