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Customer Testimonials

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Dear Hunter: Oh yes, the package arrived safely and I was very pleased with your
creation.  Of course the real test came on Saturday when Jake opened
it at the party. Watching him do so was a very emotional experience.  As the wrappings were peeled away he was at first awe struck.  As he took in the
sculpture and it's nuances this incredible smile crept over his face. 
He kept repeating "This is awesome...this is awesome!"  He looked up
at me and said "I think you nailed it Dad."
Well, what more need be said?  Hunter, thanks so much for helping me
make that kind of connection again with my son.  As they get older and
set out on their own that gets harder and harder to do. Kind regards, Wally

Hunter, My cake topper is perfect!  When I saw the picture I started to cry.  Everyone in my office now thinks I am insane (actually all of the girls understand).  I didn't think that there were any delays at all.  You actually got it done sooner than what you originally told me.  I was not worried so you should not be either.  Yes a short veil attached to the back of the head piece is what I wanted.  Everything else looks good.  Thanks so much for making something so special for us. 
We love it so much.  Thanks so much for helping make our day that much more special.  We will treasure our cake topper forever.  Take care, shannon



Hunter,I received my Psychologist today, and he came perfectly intact. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!!! I love him!! You did an amazing job, and I am just thrilled with the finished product!!! The picture on the magazine, the bookwith his name on it...it is all perfect! I can't wait to see his face when he opens it :-)Thanks again for all your hard work and excellent craftsmanship! I will be HIGHLY recommending you to ALL my friends!!! With Much Gratitude, Elyse
Hi Hunter, and Merry Christmas!
I gave my kids Psychologist the figurine you made for him tonight, and he was absolutely, positively blown away! He was so amazed at the quality of the workmanship, and the way it was totally personalized for him. He could not stop looking at it. To be honest with you, I loved it so much that I even had a hard time giving it up! Whenever I looked at it I was so overcome by how much care and detail you put into creating it. I know the doctor felt the same way! And I also know that it is a gift that he will enjoy and treasure for a lifetime. So thank you, once again, for creating the vision that I had in my mind! I searched and searched (and searched) for something similar to this, and was so frustrated that I could not find it. Then I stumbled onto your website and the rest is history!! :-)I am so grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to give such a unique, meaningful gift to someone who is so special to me. You made this a very memorable holiday for me! Have a healthy and happy New Year, and I know we'll be working together again in the future. You are truly amazing and your "customer service" is light years ahead of any service that I have ever encountered. Thanks for caring so much about your customers! Sincerely, Elyse

Hunter!!!!! You are amazing! I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I love the touch with the champagne bottle. I know everyone at the wedding will get a kick out of it.
I've been telling everyone to visit your site to take a look at all your creations. I'm sure I'll be writing you again soon with more requests!! You're the best! Lorraine

Hunter, my mom just adores her 'figurine'
we especially like that the Gilda cookbook cover is
red. you must know that red is the signature color
for Gilda's club. thanks again. I shall be in touch! Debbie

It was a blast.....he was overjoyed!!!------everyone just loved
it....and he really treasured the sentiments and the personalization of
the gift----great memories and thanks for everything Hunter----it looked
awesome!!!!!!So....thankful for everything ...I know we kinda drove you
nuts........but you majestically made it work. Thanks from all of us! Cyb

Yes Hunter the figurine arrived safely.  It is awesome.  Thanks very much.  My father is also a dentist and I may want to get him a figurine for his 60th birthday at the end of May.  Will keep in touch. Len

  Hi Hunter:  Yes, it did arrive safe and sound.  It looks amazing and I am very happy with the final product. It truly is a work of art and captures Rob and I to a tee. You do amazing work that must be commended. It will definitely be the hit of the evening. I will let you know everyone's reaction when they see it.  It is a surprise to all so no one will be seeing it until June at the wedding. Thanks again, 
Thanks Hunter!   I gave it to my husband yesterday.  He absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to put it on the front desk at his office!  All of your personal touches were wonderful.  We will definitely try to send some business your way! Thanks again.  It was a pleasure to work with you. Kate

hi hunter, i gave cheryl her gift tonight. her reaction was fantastic. she went wild with excitement. in fact everyone that saw it was delighted. thank you so much for the grrrreat job you did for me.
 i look forward to seeing the one you are preparing for my brother's birthday. many many thanks


Dear hunter-The cake topper arrived unharmed.  Everyone who sees it loves it.  It's even better than the pictures!  Sarina



Hunter, I'm not sure if i ever wrote back and told you how wonderful the Neil's figurine turned out so...I just wanted to say it was PERFECT!!  Neil said it was the best, most thoughtful gift he had ever received and could not stop staring at it; I couldn't stop staring at it!!  Thank you for getting it to me as fast as you did, and thank you for making it as perfect as it turned out.  You truly got every aspect that I wanted to be  represented! definitely will get the word out where to get a unique and priceless gift!!! Thanks again and take care, michele

Hi Hunter, I just wanted to let you know the sculpture was a big success. I think Gary was quite touched.




Hi Hunter   The ordered arrived on Monday.  It looked great so last night I took it over to Nancy's place.  When I arrived she was talking to Marc on the phone and I pulled it out and showed it to her.  She thought it was SO COOL she immediately started describing it to Marc. I think she's decided to put it on  the table where the guests are signing a picture matte because she wants to be sure EVERYONE sees it.  She was afraid if it was "on the cake" not everyone would see it and she certainly didn't want anyone to miss it. Thanks so much and I will happily distribute your cards to anyone who inquires. I really appreciated the great service and the way you always got back to me when I either phoned or emailed. Thanks Hunter and happy "creating"  Carolyn

Got them.  Everyone loves them.  You did a great job! 

Tamara, Don and Lang just keep raving about them, saying how much they love them.  Deidra

Hunter:  Thank you.  Figurines arrived, no damage, exceptionally well packed.  Your interpretation of my needs was on the money.  We'll do this again for other professional and family occasions.  Thank you



Hunter, I could not be more pleased by the detail and creativity that you have shown with regard to "The Gardener Men of the Earth Collection".  We were so absorbed as we opened each package carefully, as instructed.  The Santa, David Gardener, Blower Man, Trimmer Guy, Walker Man, the Mowers, were superb.  I am now digesting how to shoot the pictures and hope that I get it right.  Dogs were superb.  Glad you had the sale on huskies, 6 is better than 4.
Regards and Thanks
David Gardener a.k.a. Ian S.


Dear Hunter, Just a short note to say thanks for the amazing sculpture that you did for my best friend's 50th.
Presenting you with a collection of ideas and wishes you created a truly one of a kind "Magic Mud" sculpture.
Your standard figures are great but you really shine in doing custom work! Amazing!
To those who are looking for a really unique gift - give "Magic Mud" a call. Thanks so much!  N.S. Toronto   Oct.20/03




Medical figurine of a Surgeon, personalized with his exercise weights and picture on cover of Medical Journal..A great gift for the doctors office.


The statue is all that I thought it would be and more.  I was a little nervous finding you information on the web.  But you truly are a professional artist.  It is perfect to the last detail.  Thanks for all of your hard work.  I can hardly wait to give it to him on Christmas.  Have a merry Christmas Regards, Tonee




What a fantastic job you did for me with the figures of me with our new priest and Bishop! It arrived right on time and in perfect condition--all the way to Chicago! I know many people will be delighted by your good work and I hope we can generate some additional business for you. Many thanks!
Deacon John Nachtrieb
Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
 Palos Park, Illinois


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