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Aquatic Clay Art Sculptures

Aquatic Clay Sculpture and Seascapes, Made to Order

Aquatic Clay Sculptures of Dolphins, whales, fish, oceanic turtles cavorting across a backdrop of brightly colored ceramic coral. Dazzling glazes  and highlights of 24 kt. gold luster,  each original work of clay art undergoing multiple firings. Let us create the ultimate in Ceramic  Aquatic Art, a  maintenance free permanent aquarium for your home or office. Let your imagination "spawn" some ideas of what you would like created while you browse  the following photographs of some  previous Aquatic Clay Art Sculptures.

              Tropical fish sculpture...made to order

  Artist Hunter and son Jupiter

     with Aquatic Clay Art



              Aquatic Art Sculpture of colorful sealife, fish and coral

                    Reef Life

      Ceramic Art Sculpture

              48"x 48"   $4000

                 Dolphin Sculpture with colorful fish and coral seascape

       Raiders of the Lost Reef

  Aquatic Ceramic Sculpture

             48" x 48"     $3500

             Aquatic Art Sculpture of Fantastical Fish


   Aquatic Clay Sculpture

            26" x16"   $1800

              Dolphin Statue of fired clay

     Dolphin Dance Sculpture

                 24"     $700

                 Sealife Sculpture of Multicolored Fantasy Fish

   36" x 30" Bionic Barracuda at

 Simple Green Corporate Hdqs.

      Clay Art Fish Sculpture

             Aquatic Art Wall Hanging of Tropical Fish amongst coral

              Coastal Patrol

                   26"   $800

              Tropical Fish Sculpture in brilliant colored glazes

               "His Enforcer"

    Ceramic Fish Sculpture

                 24"     $600

                Aquatic Art Sculpture of Tropical Fishes

               Cozumel Cruisin

            Clay Art Sculpture

           30" Height       $2000

             Aquatic Sculpture of Fantastical Predator Fish, a yard long

                 "El Diablo"

        Clay Art Sculpture

 14Kt.Gold dorsal & teeth   36"

             Tropical Fish Sculpture, can create any color or species to order

               Bonaire Bob

    Ceramic Fish Sculpture

               26"  $1000

               Fish Sculpture of brilliant colors

       "Pescado d'oro" from 

                "Reef Life"

      Fired Clay Sculpture

             Aquatic Statue of a totally unique form of Sealife


      Ceramic Fish Sculpture

                26"   $1800

             Aquatic Art Sculpture highlighted in 24kt gold lustre and multicolored glazes

  From "Reef Life" Coral Scene

        Clay Art Sculpture



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