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Corporate Portraitures

Unusual custom sculpted portraits or caricatures created to your specifications in a fired clay medium. From staff to management to mascot we have 25 years of experience sculpting the most unique presents and gifts for any of your business associates. Promotions, transfers, mergers, retirement, deal closings or any celebratory occasion will be all that more memorable with a "never seen before" commissioned sculpture/figurine. Browse the past examples that follow and consult with us for a work of art  fine tuned to your requirements and budget. Fast and friendly service await you when you call us toll free 1 800 231 9814 for an obligation-free consultation.


        McD. "Exec" & Family

             move to Mexico


        Hallway of the Stars

  Sutton Place Hotel, Toronto


     EGBAR Corporate Mascot

        with Magic Mud Artists



                CEO "Nick"


          Sculpting CEO "Nick"



  J.T. and his movie posters art


                 Closeup J.T


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