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Promotional Items Custom made, Personalized Corporate and Business Gifts

Corporate Gifts are created to your specifications and budget

  Business Gifts Custom Made for

  Sprint Canada's Xmas Party, 5 of 500

  models hand made, raku fired finish

Promotional Items can incorporate your logo or design

Original Promotional Item

Customized plates made for Chatelaine Magazine

3 of 300 custom designed and raku fired ceramic apples...the perfect gift for a convention in the "Big Apple!"

Corporate Gift created for Syntex 

  Pharmaceutical Convention in New York City

   3 of 250 made, all unique, raku fired finish

   Custom made Corporate Gifts and Promotional Items Personalized Promotional Items and Corporate Gifts created to your specifications by veteran clay artists Hunter,  Lois and Jupiter Vaughan. You will not see what we do anywhere else because everything is sculpted exclusively as to your instruction. This unique service allows you to design memorable Business Gifts suitable  for customers, staff, corporate awards, advertising, publicity and any event or occasion imaginable. In the following pictures you will see examples of custom Promotional Items and  products we have modeled for some past clients. Visualize and consult with the same artists who will realize your Corporate Gift ideas at the right price.

 Promotional item made to order...for any business

   Custom made Business card holder

A Unique Promotional Item

 Original design the promotional gift was based upon

 Actual Addmore truck the sculpted models were based  upon


Corporate Gifts that are available no where else

 Addmore piggy bank truck and cardholder

 model custom sculpted with ceramic decals

Business Gifts created in any quantity

 Kiln full of personalized Business Gift card holders, each a signed and numbered edition

Corporate Gifts custom made for Conventions

Custom made Promotional Item

created for convention in San Francisco

 Convention Gifts are hand sculpted originals available no where else

 Front view Custom made Corporate Gift

convention date on front of cable car,

inscription on bottom

Custom made Corporate Gift that will stand the test of time

 Made to order Promotional Item

\incorporating Business Logo

Business Trophy and Awards are custom created for any occasion

Custom made Business Award

for Cultural/Music Event

Corporate Gifts that pertain to your product and business, made to order

 Personalized Corporate Gift

in shape of grain elevator

Convention Gifts that ared designed around a special product

Custom made Premiums,Auto-Clave

machines for convention of Engineers

 Convention Gift features a swinging door and personalized brass name plates

 Custom Convention Gifts

Tableware For Sunnyside Cafe Toronto

Promotional Products

can incorporate your logo

Promotional Business Gift designed for Pharmaceutical firm

Custom imprinted & designed Promotional Item

Corporate seal, copper finish

Business Gift designed for London

Guarantee close up of imprinted logo

Hand sculpted porcelain

miniature, cobalt stain finish

2 0f 300 unique models  created , with 24 kt. gold fired on spires of castle

Custom designed miniature castles

for function at Casa Loma in Toronto


 Miniature sized whale sculpture for

 Royal Ontario Museum's Whale Exhibition

 Custom made bank, our interpretation of ET

 Porcelain figurine of E.T & Portrait mug of ET

ET Flower Vase


Lady Justice Sculpture

Original terra cotta with bronze patina

Custom made sculpture of company logo   

Made to Order Figurines Models


Business Trophies made to order


Custom made Trophy

Custom Made Business Gift

Personalized Business Gifts


Made to order Presentation Awards

Personalized Gift for an Accountant


Custom made Promotional Statue


  Custom designed Business Card Holder

    Corporate trophies made to order

Custom made Pen Holder

Customized gifts for Realtors

Recipe Card Holder Custom made

Trophies made to order

Customized Corporate Trophies

Personalized Premium


Personalized Business Gift

Custom made business gifts



Custom made portrait mug


     Business Gift Custom Designed


            Office Gifts Custom made


          Hand painted, made to order mug


     Personalized  Business Premiums


     Made to order Business Premium


  Business  Gifts, Premiums and Incentives

                      Custom Made


           Office gift made to order


    Custom made promotional Penholder


           Corporate Gift Custom Made



     Business Card Holder Custom Made

                               "Daniel loved it and was quite touched" ...

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Toll free 1 800 231-9814  or  416-964-7229 or 416 993-2977

All artwork 2014 Magic Mud/Hunter Vaughan

 Reproductions of images and/or finished product is prohibited

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