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Personalized Dental Figurines

Custom Dental Figurines make Great Dentist's Gifts.

Personalized dental figurines custom-made to order will enliven your office, waiting room or home. Clay caricatures of Orthodontist, Periodontists, Prosthodontists, Endodontists, Dental Hygienists, Oral Surgeons, and every kind of Dental statue can be created to your specifications. These sugar free delights are the perfect dentists gift.

Specifically created to your instructions and budget, they will bring a smile to the person who cares for everyone else's smile. Be inspired by the following photos of past dentist figurines, then contact us to realize your own custom clay character. Gift-giving is no longer like pulling teeth with a Personalized Dental Figurine.


Custom Made Dentist Figurine


Dentist's Graduation Sculpture


Orthodontist Figurine Custom Made


Endodontist's Graduation Figurine


Dental Hygienist and Dentist Team Working on Tooth


Custom made Dentist Gift


Dental Surgeon's Gift


Prosthodontist Figurine Custom Made to Order


Hunter,  Thank you for the expedient way in which you handled my order on short notice.  Ordering something off the internet, especially art work, sight unseen sometimes results in a major fiasco.  I was impressed with the pieces that you did for some of my referring This Orthodontist's figurine is just an example of what kind of gift we can create for the Dentist in your life!doctors with the detailed customization.  Thank you for providing me with something that was very nicely done, and for something that my referring doctors can proudly display, but more importantly, something that they will not forget. I look forward to having more pieces done by you in the future.   Dr. Dan Quon

   Custom Made Orthodontist Figurine


Dental Surgeon Figurine makes a great gift for the Dentist in your life

  Customized gift for a Dental  Surgeon 


Custom clay caricature of the Dentist and his Assistant working in Dental Harmony...a great gift designed for any Dentist's office!I was very pleased with your work… the sculpture was definitely the talk of the party!  I can assure I will be requesting your talent again soon!  Thanks so much!  You work is definitely the most unique and personalized gift out there!  Heather C



Great gift for a Dentists Office

"Dental Construction Duo"


Personalized gift for a Dentist who has a sweet tooth!....home made butter tarts!Hi Hunter,
It arrived and it is fabulous. You did a fantastic job. Glad I ran across you. The folks at the dentist office just loved it. Evelyn Van T

         Unique Gift for a Dentist's Office


Dental Hygienist Figurine

"Smiles by Susanne"



Special gift for an Endodontist!...complete with actual dental  file in his hand

Endodontist Figurine with toothpaste


Dentist statue made to your "specs" 

Dental Bridge under Construction


custom hygienist figurine..."Smiles by Amy", with her Bichon by her side

Gift for Dental Hygienist Graduate


A Female Dentist truly can appreciate clean teeth...and her shopping bags, picture on "faux" magazine, suitcase with destination tags and ski hills in the background

Customized gift for a Female Dentist


Promotional Dental Figurines are a Gift they can display in their Office

" The Dentists Are Coming!!"

$160 each

Endodontist figurine utilizing the actual dental file, a unique Dentist's gift

Custom made gift for an Endodontist


Promotional Dentists Gifts can be designed for any Occasion, Convention or Meeting

Promotional Dental Figurine

Designed for Toronto Crown and Bridge Association

Great Dental Gift...His Office with him at work, waiting room, both in their color scheme, and even his motorcycle out front

Personalized gift for a Dentist's Office


Promotional gift for dentist..special White Step toothpaste mobile, tennis, palm trees and the Dentist on top of it all

Dental Promotional Gift


Gift for Dental Convention that will be treasured, totally personalized

   International President of  Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity


Personalized dental figurine, with his golf clubs, pet dog, cigar and more...a great gift for the Dentist who has it all!

Polished like a Gem


Personalized handmade clay figurines of Dentists, perfect gift for Orthodonists, Endodontists, Penodontists, and all at the Dental Office

Magic Mud display at

Dental Convention


Personalized Business card holders for Alpha Omega Dental Grads, each personalized with their name on the toothpaste tubes! What a great Graduation Gift!

Alpha Omega  Fraternity Graduates

Unique Dentist's business  cardholders

Athletic Dentist Figurine


   Hunter, My husband LOVED the sculpture of himself (in full dental attire) with all of his favorite things surrounding him.  His staff and patients can't stop talking about how original and creative it is!  Thank you so much for all of your help in planning this unique gift.  You will hear  from me again...Two of my nephews will be graduating from college soon and I can't wait to begin designing their sculptures with you!
Take care, Nancy


Dentist gets to the root of it


Dental Wedding Cake Topper...I Take Thee, to be my Lifelong Dentist

 Dental Wedding


Surfing Dentists Gift


Orthodontist figurine, given in appreciation by Dental students in his graduating class.

Customized gift for an Orthodontist


Female Orthodontist Statue, customized to your liking...

Female Orthodontist

 Ceramic Figurine


Female Dental Figurines are hard to find, but we create them to order

      Female Dentist Ceramic Figure

"She gets to the Root of it!"


Miniature works of Dental Art!! Great gift for Dentist with very little dispay space!

Miniature Dental Figurines

$100 each


Personalized Dental Technician's Gift


Specail gift for a Dental Technician Graduate who likes to surf!

Gift for a Dental Graduate


Personalized oral surgeons gift....let us custom create a great ceramic statue for the dental professional in your life

Oral Surgeons Gift


Unique Dentist gift, customized for you
Hi Hunter,
Yes, he came today and I LOVE IT!!!!! It definitely was worth waiting for. I look forward to my husband's reaction when he opens it.
I look forward in the future to ordering some other character.


Thank you and Happy Holiday also.


 Custom made gift for a Golf playing Dentist...tee off to a great Dentists present!

Gift for a Golfing Dentist


Lady Dentist


Dentist Business Card Holder


            Special gift made for the Dentist's Office....complete with his miniature Dental figurines in background that he likes to collect
Yes Hunter the figurine arrived safely.  It is awesome.  Thanks very much.  My father is also a dentist and I may want to get him a figurine for his 60th birthday at the end of May. Will keep in touch. Len

 Custom made gift for the Dentist's Office


 Personalized gift for a Dentist's Secretary


    Special gift for an Executive in Crown and Bridge Dentists Club



"Tooth Man Sculpture"


Gifts for Crown and Bridge Club Executives

Your figurine was enjoyed and admired by all who saw it, and drew many compliments upon presentation. 
Thank you for your fine work. I very much appreciate it.
  Regards, Rob


Hunter ...You need to put a warning on the image, I spilled quite a lot of coffee all around my keyboard because I was laughing so hard when I opened it up.
Honestly, it's absolutely incredible. Better than I had ever imagined or expected. I'd be speechless if I ever got speechless. How in the_world_ did you take my silly idea and make it into something so darned cool?

In my world we'd call it "(far) exceeding expectations" and absolutely delighting the customer. This is a true once-in-a-lifetime kind of gift, I'm sure he'll love it( although I *know* it's impossible for him to have as much fun receiving it as I did planning it). Thanks again for all your help with this, I have others in mind for you but will wait until after the holidays, I promise (I see lots of health care providers and some of them almost deserve to have a piece of your work) ...Cathy O

       Dental Wizard works His Magic


Personalized Orthodontist Statue, photos of wife and son on his desk, along with his laptop, football, coffee, and corvette photo too...an unusual gift idea for the office.

  Personalized Gift for an Orthodontist


Great Personalized gift for a Dentist!...surrounded by his many love and passions...details abound in this rich ceramic figurine!Dear Hunter,
It looks absolutely fabulous... beyond my expectations.  You are a genius!  I can't wait to see it in person!  What did you charge to my Visa, just so I know?  It is worth every penny!!  It was great to work with you.  Hilarie

    Ultimate Personalized Gift for a Dentist


Dr. Johnson's office gift


Personalized gift for a Dental Graduate!...Her name on the toothpaste tube and She's in action cleaning a set of teeth

Personalized gift for a Dental Graduate


Dentist statue complete with his fish aquarium, picture on "faux" magazine cover, and logo of workplace on his desk

Artistry of a  Dentist


Dental card holder. Perfect present for any Dentist

Dr. Katchky's card holder


Fun gift idea for Dentist! Perfect office collectible

Hippo Collecting  Dentist


 Periodontist Figurine will be a hit in the office

Massage Your Gums


Thank you gift that will be a treasured Keepsake female dentist with a couple of happy patients

Marilyn's rules for Dental health


Humorous Dental Statue, made to order

Dental Construction


 Denture Specialist Figurine will keep them smiling

Denture Therapy


Unique dental office gift custom made for you.

Special gift for a Dentist

     Ceramic Statue with child patients




Hunter, I'm not sure if i ever wrote back and told you how wonderful the Neil's figurine turned out so...I just wanted to say it was PERFECT!!  Neil said it was the best, most thoughtful gift he had ever received and could not stop staring at it; I couldn't stop staring at it!!  Thank you for getting it to me as fast as you did, and thank you for making it as perfect as it turned out.  You truly got every aspect that I wanted to be  represented! definitely will get the word out where to get a unique and priceless gift!!! Thanks again and take care, michele


Super personalized gift for Dentist. If he does "bridgework" he will love this "Dental Bridge"

King of Dental Bridgework



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