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Doctor Figurines, Personalized Medical Figurines, Clay Caricatures of Physicians

Anesthetist's Figurine


Child Neurologist Custom Figurine


Dermatologist's Figurine Custom Made for Graduation


Female Gynecologist Figurine


Knee Surgeon's Figurine


Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Figurine


Podiatrist's Custom Made Figurine


Radiologist Figurine Cake Topper


Doctor Figurines are Great Gifts for Physicians

Clay Caricatures for Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses to any Specialist, pulses will quicken upon presentation of these unique gifts for Physicians. Humorous Doctor's Figurines will lift the spirits of everyone in the office, waiting room and home. Following are a sample of past clay custom Doctor Caricatures to inspire you. Tell us a bit about your recipients specialty, hobby's, interests, etc and we will custom create a Personalized Medical Figurine that will delight and remind them of you...the prescription for an original Doctors gift.

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 Surgeon's Figurine Custom made, a great gift idea for the Surgeon who has seen it all!

 Special gift for a Nose Surgeon


We received the figurine on Friday!  It looks wonderful!!!!  I am sure that Jason will love all the fantastic details you included. I had a wonderful experience working with the Magicmud staff to create the perfect gift for a family friend.  I was amazed at the artist's true interest in learning about my friend in order to create a figurine to accurately represent his

work and his interests.  The final product was really fantastic.. Thanks again!!!!  Kimberly 

    Holistic Doctor/Acupuncturist Statue


Personalizedl Surgeon figurine created for your Medical Specialist!

Reconstructive Surgeon

Personalized gift for a Plastic Surgeon


Unique gift for a Female Psychologist/Psychiatrist!!...tell the Doctor how you feel about it....

Personalized gift for Psychologist


Psychologist's Gift....made to order!

Hi Hunter, This sculpture is wonderful!!!  Amber adores it!!!!  Thanks so much for the personal attention you gave it.  I'll recommend you to everyone!!  Warm Regards,  Margie P

 Personalized Gift for a Child Psychologist


Dear Hunter, 

Thank you so much for all of your help and going the extra mile to create this one of a kind art sculpture.  My doctor loved it!  He has it proudly displayed so that it's the first thing everyone Great Psychologist's Gift!..a clay caricature/figurine of the doctor with patient on couchsees when they walk into his office.   He found the personalization especially amusing.


I truly appreciate your guidance in helping me create it as well as accommodating my rush order. The sculpture was packed with a lot of tlc and arrived in perfect condition.  A great gift.  I'd will definitely be visiting your web site again!  Best regards, Pat

Psychologist Figurine


Veterinarian figurine featuring fireman bringing in a dalmation for healing...any pet can be portrayed!

Personalized gift for a Veterinarian

"Veterinarian in Action" Figurine



Wow, Hunter - just incredible!!!   I think he's going to love it!!! 

So totally perfect!!!!!!!

- amazing and just what I wanted!  Many thanks!


Veterinarian Figurine


Medical figurine of a Surgeon, personalized with his exercise weights and picture on cover of Medical Journal..A great gift for the doctors office.

Hunter, The statue is all that I thought it would be and more.  I was a little nervous finding you information on the web. But you truly are a professional artist.  It is perfect to the last detail.  Thanks for all of your hard work.  I can hardly wait to give it to him on Christmas. Have a merry Christmas Regards, Tonee

Personalized gift for a Surgeon


Chiropractor Statue, she has the healing hands!


You do marvelous work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I said before.... a true artiste!


Karen P


         Female Chiropractor figurine


Personalized statue for the Teaching Doctor from his students, he wont forget this graduating class!..... a great commemorative gift.

" From the Interns to the  Doctor"

     Customized  gift for a Medical Professional



Received the gastros today!  They look great! Carolyn

Gastroenterologist  figurines


For the Dr. who has everything...personalized clay figurine made to order

"Special Delivery"

Gift for a Gynecologist


Ultimate gift for the Doctor who helped deliver your baby!

This Ob/Gyno Delivers



Medical Professionals Personalized Gift!..made to order!

Brain Surgeon Figurine


 Pharmacist figurine is the prescription for a great gift

Mr. Prescription

  Personalized gift for a Pharmacist


Custom made Pharmacist figurine, with his microscope, prescription, computer on desk and more...the cure all for gift giving!

Special gift for a Pharmacist


Unique Medical gift idea....Researcher with microscope and test tube at his work desk, surrounded by his findings and medical files.

Medical Research


Nurse figurine celebrating her return from the War...truly a day to rejoice

  Nurse returns from War in Iraq


 Unique personalized gift for a Nurse...a clay caricature

Customized Gift for a Nurse


 Let us create a medical statue for the specialist in your life.

Cardiologist and G.P.

$20 and $195

Personalized Medical figurine of a female pathologist at work...complete with her camera/microscope, shopping bag, Starbucks coffee, computer and more!! A great gift for any Medical Specialist.

Pathologist Figurine


Custom made statue of a Physiotherapist, a perfect gift for his office.

Personalized gift for a Physiotherapist


Clay caricature of a Medic, custom made for the emergency medical worker in your life.

Saved by a Medic


Dermatologist figurine personalized for you....complete with his Florida Gators football and favorite pop in background..a super gift for the medical specialist in your life.

Doctor's Examination


Original gift idea for a Medical Specialist...this figurine has the Surgeon who like photography with his Wife, the Chancellor of University of Toronto.

Surgeon and Wife


Medical statue of female doctor with her stethescope at the ready, while spinning on her workout bike. A great Doctore's Gift! and

The Spin Doctor


Persoanlized gift for a Massage Therapist, a customized ceramic statue

Massage Therapist Figurine


Chiropractor figurine has healing qualities

Hands of  a God

  Custom Gift for a Massage Therapist


Clay caricature of Doctor in action

Dr. Klein


Custom Doctors Figurine with his hockey, football,golf,baseball and on his cel...what a busy M.D.

An Athletic Doctor


Great gift idea for Surgeon,  unique & made to order...this is the Radical Eye Surgeon

Personalized gift for an eye surgeon


 Child Psychologist's Gift


Nose Surgeon in Action


Ophthalmologist's Gift


Pediatrician's Gift


Personalized Doctor Figurine


Psychologist Graduates


Therapist's Birthday Gift


Female Ophthalmologist



More Personalized Gifts for Doctors, Surgeons, Physicians Page 2

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