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Custom Sports Figurines

 He Scores!!!....big time with custom sports figurine...complete with his name and number!

Soccer Star


Custom trophy...Way Cool!! Skateboarder on a pipe....available no where else!! They'll love it...

Joe Skateboard


 Personalized sports figurine of Mr. Cool in his yacht wearing a gold chain and shades, and his "babe" is sporting a big diamond while cruisin' in their yacht...the Good Life...Immortalized!

Aboard the Yacht

with 3 of his "babes"


Personalized Sports Figurines made to order in fired clay

Custom sports figurines created to your specifications. A unique gift for coaches and team members, each clay figurine can function as a trophy or award. Your sports person in action, any game or activity is possible with these humorous personalized sports figurines. Let us know the sport, team uniform, team name and number and any other specifications and we will sculpt the perfect custom trophy/award/present for the athlete in your life. Excellent reward for coaches or members of the team. Look through these past examples and contact us to get the ball rolling...present them with their own custom trophy.

Custom motorcycle ridng figurine...a sports statue to remember

His Honda


Personalized Coach's Gift

Basketball Team's Gifts

             personalized 50th birthday gift of him in his car with cards,tennis raquet, suitcase and asst.papers

          Gambling Machine



                        Lacrosse Player

               Custom fisherman figurine for a sportsman who likes beer and his boat

                His Big Catch


             Personalized  hockey player figurine

                   Mr. Puck


           Personalized  polo player figurine on cel phone...he be multi tasking!

                Polo Star


             Custom baseball player figurine will strike them out!

             His Curveball


            Custom sports tropy for waterskiier will make big waves

          Water-Ski Queen


            Custom golf figurine...it's a hole in one!

              Into Golfing


            Custom sports trophy for a canoeist, a totally unique award

       Shooting The Rapids



           custom sports figurine of her on treadmill with weights, wine and shopping bag, while on the cel!

            A Fit Birthday


              Personalized Coaches Figurines!!! They will appreciate this handmade memoir of a season with the team!

            Soccer Coaches

                  $60 each


            windsurfer figurine on a wave, with his cel phone and business logo on sail

      Windsurfer figurine


            hockey coach figurine riding on a zambione machine with some of the team

    Hockey coach figurine


               hockey player wedding cake topper

        Hockey players wedding


            custom figurine ofa rock climber, where else could you get an item like this created for you?

       Rock climber figurine


           custom trophy with his basketball, riding machine,tennis, golf, weights, personalized gift for the athelete's birthday

       Sportsman trophy


              custom trophy created for the Trojan team, any trophy can be sculpted for you

      Custom trophy for Trojans


            personalized trophy for an owner of the Montreal Expo's, holding stadium, his golfing equipt., cel phone, at desk...a totally unique gift for the man who has it all

   Expo's team owner in Action


         Once again, thank you for creating this wonderful piece in such short notice -
the winning team loved it!
the sculptures are really amazing!
I keep staring at them......and seeing something new each time!
Thank you for all your hard work and efforts! They're terrific! Thanks, Shirley

Fitness Instructor/Private Trainer Figurines


                       Custom hockey figurine will score with the athlete in your life.

                     Spinner Spencer


                Personalized soccer figurine with his favorite beer

                 Soccer Score


                             Archer Figurine hits the Bullseye for a personalized trophy

                              The Archer


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